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UTS Bhs Inggris SMP Kls 7 Sem 1

UTS Bhs Inggris SMP Kls 7 Sem 1.

Mid test English
Semester 1 2015 -2016
Name :…………………….
Class :……………………..

Answer the questions with choose a,b, c or d !
Seven days in a week
There are seven days in a week. It start from Sunday, a holiday. The second day is Monday. It is the first day of working or going to school. The nexy day is Tuesday. Then, it will be Wednesday. Some people say that Wednesday is midweek because it is in t he middle of the week. The fifth day is Thursday. The sixth is Friday. It is the last day to have activities for formal workers and some students because on the next day will be the the first day of holiday or the last day of the week. On Saturday people are happy because they are off from their routine activities.

1. How many dyas in a week ?
a. 7
b. 6
c. 10
d. 8

2. When do you start going to school ?
a. Thursday
b. Monday
c. Wednesday
d. Friday

3. Today is Wednwsday, and tomorrow is ?
a. Monday
b. Saturday
c. Tuesday
d. Sunday

4. On what day the moslems pray ‘ Jum’at’ ?
a. Friday
b. Sunday
c. Thursday
d. Wednesday

5. Why are the people happy on Saturday ?
a. because they are going to school
b. because they are free from their activities
c. because they must go to school
d. because it is the first day to work

6. What month is the independence day ?
a. 15th August 1945
b.. 17th August 1945
c. 18th August 1945
d. 16th August 1945

7. 16 Juli 1980
a. The sixth of July nineteen eighty
b. The six of July nineteen eighty
c. The sixteenth of July nineteen eighty
d. The sixteen of July nineteen eighty

8. The month after February is……
a. January
b. December
c. April
d. March

9. I go to bed at 8.30 in the night.
a. a quarter past eight
b. Thirty to eight
c. eight thirty
d. eight past thirty

10. My mother cooks rice at twenty to five.
a. 5.40
b. 5.20
c. 5.30
d. 5.50

11. My parents like gardening and they always take care of the plants. In the garden, there are……
a. shears, window, a sickle
b. a hoe, bed, pillow
c. shears, a watering can, a hoe
d. a watering can, bucket, lamp

12. The things we can find in the living room..
a. table, vase flower, a sofa
b. sheet, table, sickle
c. sofa, blanket, mirror
d. vase, blanket, sickle

13. I have bedroom, there are……….
a. bed, sheet, wheelbarrow
b. bed, wardrobe, pillow
c. wardrobe, hoe, pillow
d. pillow, vasee, sofa

14. There is a living room. Living room means.
a. bathroom
b. waiting room
c. bedroom
d. sitting room

15. She is in the kitchen. A kitchen is a room where the person….
a. eats
b. Cooks
c. drinks
d. sleeps in

16. a bathroom is a room where a person…..
a. irons
b. washes clothes shirts
c. reads books
d. take a bath

17………a book on the desk.
a. there is
b. is there
c. there are
d. are there

18. How many children….in your family ?
a. is there
b. there is
c. are there
d. there are

19……… three boys sitting on the bench.
a. are there
b. there are
c. is there
d. there is

20………. any ink in the bottle ?
a. there is
b. are there
c. there are
d. is there

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