If you suffer from procrastination/procrastination

Everyone knows it: Postponing important jobs until the last minute. You know it about yourself, but you still postpone the chores. This causes you to become stressed, create guilt and make you feel lazy and perhaps quite worthless. You know you can just start the job. Then you would be proud of yourself when the job is done. Then why can’t you do it? What causes you to keep falling into that trap of procrastination? And how do you get rid of your procrastination? ” Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”

“Procrastination makes simple things difficult. And difficult things become more difficult.”
Mason Cooley

“Procrastination is the art of keeping track of yesterday and avoiding today.”Wayne Dyer

It is very important to recognize that you are suffering from procrastination in order to do something about it. Chronic procrastinators are masters at coming up with excuses. Excuses that they actually really want to believe in. Like I work best under time pressure, I better start tomorrow, because, ,If my desk/bookcase/wardrobe/shed is not tidy, I can’t concentrate, Oh well, I still have plenty of time! or Phew, now I’m really not in the right mood for this! I’d better do something else. In fact, you’re constantly fooling yourself. Ultimately, you’re stressing about getting it done on time and you have to justify yourself because you didn’t get it done on time. Then you probably think: ,Well, I should have started earlier, that’s actually my fault., And yet, the next time you’ll be procrastinating again! If you want to get rid of your procrastination, it is important that you really want to do something about it It is also important that you recognize that you are a chronic procrastinator. What distracted you last time you have to avoid now. You will see that you have so much time left, and so much less stress and sleepless nights, if you just do what you have to do. By the way, it has been proven, and actually very logical, that people who don’t procrastinate are much happier in life. A procrastinator cannot often go to sleep peacefully, there is always something that needs to be done.

Too much on your plate?

Suppose you have a very big job to do. You absolutely don’t know where to start and you can no longer see the forest for the trees. For very large jobs, that huge mountain of work is overwhelming. The reason you don’t know where to start is because you keep looking at the big picture. Try to complete your job in small steps. Small steps that are much easier to manage.
Grab a pen and paper and write down what needs to be done. Then think about how you can divide this, make different steps. Just start at step one, think of it as a complete job. You will see that this is much easier to maintain.
Don’t start the next step too quickly because you are so comfortable in that flow, because then you run the risk that your motivation will quickly evaporate due to fatigue, for example. Relax as a reward and then you can start step two again with fresh courage. Some people tend to overanalyze their job, thinking too much about it before starting it. This is not necessary, just start at the beginning. You can always adjust, change and add things as you go.

No motivation?

You should be motivated to start a job and complete it. For chronic procrastinators, motivation is often hard to find. How do you find your motivation? Keep in mind what your goal is for this job. Don’t look at what you have to do, but why. That should be good motivation, right? Don’t think, I’ll never be able to do that, others can do this much better or I really hate doing this. You are then in a negative thought spiral. Once you get into a negative thought spiral, it can completely paralyze you and you can’t get anything done. Try to be aware of this. So try to think positively. Keep thinking about the beautiful end result and the feeling you will have. You have probably completed a job successfully before and you were very satisfied with it. Try to focus on that feeling you had at that time. Do not think, do! Just get started and see how easy it is for you. Be more positive about what you can do, get those bears off the road, because that is of no use to you at all.

Concentration problem?

Maybe you are a master at procrastinating because you are busy with all kinds of things. At the end of the day you come to the conclusion that you have accomplished nothing. Maybe you can’t concentrate on what you need to do, or you get distracted by something in your environment after a few minutes. If this is the cause of your procrastination, you know that you should not be distracted from getting the job done. So turn off as much ambient noise as possible. Turn off your phone. Keep your mailbox, Facebook, Twitter and other social media closed and ensure a tidy workplace with few stimuli. So you may have to act like a hermit for a while, but if you know that it will get you done what you need to do, it will be worth it. People with poor concentration also often wander with their thoughts. When this happens, you should spend as little time and attention on it as possible. It is best to quickly write down the thought on a piece of paper. This way you can get rid of the distracting thoughts for now and you can think about them further later, when the job is done. It is also very important that you are strict with yourself, push yourself back to what you need to do.

Too perfect?

If you are a perfectionist, fear may be causing you to procrastinate. Perfectionists want to get the job done perfectly and set (too) high standards for themselves. Fear can completely paralyze you. It is better not to have a job done than to have the job not be perfect. And suppose your job didn’t go well, as a perfectionist you can say to yourself: ,That’s because I started it too late, but I can do it better!, You set (too) high standards for yourself, which may indeed not be achievable. But if you postpone the job, it may not be as perfect as you would like due to time constraints. As a perfectionist, be kinder to yourself and tell yourself that not everything will go as planned. You’re only human. The thought that you can only learn from your mistakes can also help you avoid wanting to do things too perfectly.

Just lazy?

People who procrastinate often come across as lazy. And usually they also feel quite lazy because they haven’t done any work. Yet it is not often the real cause of procrastination, as you can read in this article. Are you just lazy and therefore like to procrastinate ? Then you won’t mind it so much and won’t worry about it or be bothered by it. Then think of the consequences if you don’t finish it on time. People who say that they perform best under time pressure are not right. If you are in a hurry with a job, you often rush through it. If you take your time, you can do your job much more relaxed and you will really get a better result.


Are you procrastinating because your body is not fit? Are you just tired? Then make sure you become fitter through a good night’s sleep, exercise at least half an hour a day (in the open air) and a healthy diet. Due to fatigue, your concentration is greatly reduced, your motivation is lacking and you are more sensitive to negative thoughts.

A few more tips to get rid of your procrastination:

Use an alarm clock or timer

In the beginning, set him to work for twenty minutes and take a five-minute break. After those five minutes, get back to work.
You are so much more productive because you don’t get overtired. After a while you can build this up to, for example, 30/5, 40/10, 50/10 and 60/15. but if that doesn’t work well for you, just stick with 20/5. This really works, you will see that at the end of the day you have really done a lot this way.

Ask for help in your area

Ask that one classmate, colleague, friend who doesn’t suffer from procrastination at all how he or she does it. What drives him or her to get everything done so neatly on time? This can really inspire you and therefore motivate you. You can also tell those around you that you suffer from chronic procrastination and ask them to support and motivate you in this. Receiving occasional recognition that you are doing well is a very good motivator.

write it down

Write a to-do list every day. On it you write down achievable goals that you want/need to complete that day. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to cross things off when they’re finished.