Movie review: Bolt

Almost every school holiday there is a new Disney film. This is also the case this spring break. The film Bolt starring a sheepdog is the latest animated feature from these studios. What can you expect when you go to see this film and more importantly what do the children think?


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Animation film


Chris Williams, Byron Howard

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Georgina Verbaan, Peter Paul Muller, Diederik Ebbinge, Chazia Mourali, Remko Vrijdag, Carlo Boszhard, Rutger de Bekker, Sander de Heer, Robin Virginie

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Miley Cyrus, John Travolta, Malcolm McDowel, Nick Swardson, Diedrich Bader


Dutch English


92 minutes


All ages


The story

The dog Bolt has been experiencing the most exciting adventures for a long time. He has super powers such as super bark, iron bending and fire eyes. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that he’s been living on a movie set for years and doesn’t actually have such powers at all. This is also carefully taken care of by the director of the series in which he plays so that the dog’s emotions are really visible on the screen for the viewer. His co-star, Penny, whom he saves time and again in the series, of course knows that he lives in a series. She really wants him to be a dog who can do dog things, but is prevented from doing so by the director and her impresario.

One day things go wrong and Bolt thinks he has to save Penny after the recordings are over. He escapes from the set and ends up in the real world. For a while he thinks he has superpowers. Partly with the help of his newly found friends, he discovers that this is not the case. The cat Mittens, in whom he first sees an enemy, and the Hamster Rhino, who knows his adventures from TV, ensure that Bolt can return to his actual owner Penny. Along the way they experience many adventures and learn a lesson about love and friendship.

My opinion

Just like most Disney films, they ensure that you are never bored during the film. The story never becomes long-winded or even boring. Yet, in addition to the necessary laugh moments, there are also some sad moments in the film, which further elaborates on the themes of friendship and love. It really is the entertainment that can be expected from such a film where the themes are secretly discussed in the background. It has been proven time and time again that this method works for children. They have a great time, but later they think back about it in a different way.

Because there are some fight scenes in the film and there are also the necessary hug scenes, this film appeals to both girls and boys , which is not entirely unimportant for a family film. The film certainly entertains children and despite the fact that the script is fairly predictable, adults can also have a good time with this film. In itself this film is less impressive than the Disney classics, but it is certainly worth watching this film with your child.