Military Obstacle Course

Military personnel and obstacle courses are inextricably linked. But what obstacles do soldiers now encounter? The hiba, as the obstacle course is called in military jargon, tests and trains physical skills related to moving in terrain and operating in urbanized areas. Climbing, scrambling, jumping, pulling yourself up and hanging are some of the techniques used while completing an obstacle course.

Parts Hiba

An official military obstacle course consists of 15 parts. The order of these components may differ from barracks to barracks.

Chain ladder

Climb up the rope ladder, climb over the steel beam and climb down again on the other side of the ladder.

Running wires

This obstacle consists of a number of spun threads. The idea is to jump over these wires until you arrive at the other side.

Creep wires

This obstacle consists of a large sandbox over which threads have been spun. You crawl under these wires.


Balance beams

The balance beams lie over a deep pit. You walk over the beams to the other side.


You sprint into the window and then jump out again.

Double beam

The idea with the double beam is that you climb over the highest two beams and go under the lowest two.


The ford

At the ford, you jump from pawn to pawn, you are not supposed to hit the sand.

Sewer pipes

Simply put, you crawl through the sewer pipes, or crawlways, until you see daylight again.

Jumping board

There is a ditch in front of the jumping board. You jump over this onto the jumping board. Here you grab the rope and then walk up. At the end of the board, hang off and jump down.


Climbing frame

You climb up on the climbing frame/climbing frame and then climb back down on the other side.

Slanted horizontal rack

The sloping horizontal rack is also called a mousetrap. You climb up via the beams. There are also beams on the rack again. You also walk across this. At the end you hang down again and jump down.

Irish table

You swing yourself around the table with your stomach, hang down on the other side and jump off again.


Storm wall

You climb onto the wall and you jump off on the other side.

Tank ditch

On one side you enter the anti-tank ditch, on the other side you climb out again by pulling yourself up.

Spring locks

Three locks, of which the middle one is slightly deeper.