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What is TBS (provision)?

For people who have committed serious crimes, the judge has the option to impose TBS. This measure is only possible for people with a disorder or psychiatric illness….

Art of living: staying afloat in these turbulent times

We live in turbulent times that give us a lot but perhaps demand even more from us. Life is exciting. We want to live it to the fullest….

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Evidence enough… What is actually known about Jesus?

Evidence enough… What is actually known about Jesus? – Lee Strobel, former court reporter for the Chicago Tribune newspaper, has written a book (1998) in which he investigates…

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Netherlands Institute for Psychologists (NIP)

In the Netherlands there is a national professional association of and for psychologists, also called the ‘Dutch Institute of Psychologists’ (NIP). The NIP is dedicated to promoting the…

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Operation Market Garden: A Lost Cause?

Market Garden was a code name for an Allied offensive aimed at liberating the Netherlands. This large-scale operation took place in the year 1944 but failed. The intention…

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Munchausen by proxy (MBP)

Munchhausen syndrome by proxy (MBP/MBPS) is a serious form of child abuse. The person with this syndrome (often a mother) appears loving and concerned, regularly seeks intensive medical…

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Herd behavior: the psychology behind it

You usually encounter harmless forms of this phenomenon. However, herd behavior can also control companies, organizations, population groups and sometimes entire nations. On a large scale, the phenomenon…

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Introduction to major psychological trends

The end of the nineteenth century: Freud introduces psychoanalysis. However, in 1901, John Watson began investigating monkeys, cats, dogs, frogs, chickens and rats. He analyzes nothing more than…

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Near Death Experience (NDE): research by Dr. R. A. Moody

A new era of research into the possibilities of surviving death through the soul will probably never have arisen without its pioneer: Dr. Raymond Moody. His extensive research…

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Good intentions, how do you keep them?

At certain times of the year, for example at the start of the new year, or when we are a few kilos overweight again, we resolve to do…