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The ‘golden’ job after VMBO or MBO: research and figures

What is the ‘golden’ job after MBO or VMBO? Does it have to be a glamor job? Is money important? Secondary employment conditions? And would we much rather…

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The United States and war crimes

The United States has so far refused to ratify the treaty before the International Criminal Court, which was established in 2002. An investigation into the dualistic attitude of…

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Speech therapy: object and verb

Speech therapy can improve language development. There are various exercises to prepare for speech therapy, or to practice yourself to stimulate language development. In this article: practicing object…

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Speech therapy: personal pronoun

Speech therapy helps children and the elderly with language. Various articles discuss how you can help someone with the language step by step. In this episode: personal pronoun….

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What parents can do if their child is stressed about exams

More and more is expected of children. They have to perform, exercise well, interact with others in a nice way. With an exam just around the corner, it…

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Only leadership without cadaver discipline is effective

The Army, Air Force, Navy and Military Police are not average industries. But a military leader is in many ways similar to a manager in civil society in…

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Dealing with Despair

Everyone knows the feeling of utter desperation after a heavy blow or trauma: despair. What exactly is despair and how do you get rid of the feeling? Despair…

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Smoking ban in the catering industry

The purpose of the smoking ban in the catering industry is to give employees the opportunity to have a smoke-free workplace. The smoking ban in the catering industry…

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What is Esperanto?

Esperanto is an international language spoken by two million people. The people who master the language come from 115 different countries. The language was developed by the Pole,…

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Vampirism can be passed on

The main reason why vampires cause so much fear and horror is both their attributed ability to infect their victims ‘with an unquenchable thirst for blood’, and the…