Difference between men and women at the top!

It is true that there are more men than women in Dutch top companies, what is the cause of this? First of all, an important cause is the established differences between men and women in which Hedy d’Ancona and her feminist supporters have been able to make little difference. Of course they have already achieved that the women are now working, but they are still ultimately responsible for the care of the children.

Man as a mammal

And this is not surprising. Of course not, we as humans sometimes forget that we were made to reproduce. We remain mammals. And in our species, homo sapiens sapiens, the female gives birth to the children and takes care of them. Now this is a very orthodox position, but it appears to work that way in practice. A man is not capable of breastfeeding, no matter how much he would like to do so.

The group of women who have children already have a major disadvantage compared to the men who compete for the same job. They can give less to the job, even if childcare is provided, they often still have to care for their children. This simply takes a lot of time. Having a disadvantage does not mean that it is impossible to have the same qualities or to be equal to the man, but in this case it does mean that there is often less time.

Woman’s caring

Now, the group of women who do not have a child, they should be equal to men: often the same education, the same qualities and so on. An additional advantage of women can also be added to this: caring. A man is generally less caring than a woman. This is also due to the different biological backgrounds that the two sexes have. This quality can be an excellent advantage: caring managers. A caring manager can often be recognized in participative leadership, where better results are achieved in the company because employees appear to be more motivated and show initiative, they are less dependent and can work more independently because they feel that attention is being paid to them. , teamwork is promoted and there is certainly less aggression to be observed in the company.

Authoritarian leaders

Equality, not in terms of positions, but often in the way we treat each other. A leader who thinks he is above her or his followers will eventually be brought down because this authoritarian attitude often proves unsuccessful. In the authoritarian leadership style, the leader gives orders to employees about the work to be done and how they should behave. Power is used here as a means to exercise authority. The leader makes all decisions himself and has all relevant powers. The leader is often also strongly focused on achieving results. It is clear that this method of leadership is often unsuccessful.


Ultimately, it is about the character traits of the manager that can be important in making the organization a success or failing. Since many of these traits are not dependent on the gender of the manager, I don’t think it will make much difference whether a man or a woman is in charge. Due to the biological differences, there are traits that are more dominant in one species than in the other. Sometimes they work in favor, other times not. There are differences between men and women that can determine their position in the company, but these differences do not apply to everyone and whether they are an advantage or a disadvantage remains to be seen.