Retrieve name and address from a mobile number: Possible?

A mobile number equals privacy. No one can find out where you live or what your name is. However? Or are there ways to find out someone’s cell phone number? Can you find out someone’s address and name?


Many people in the Netherlands use a mobile phone because it allows them to maintain their privacy. You can give a mobile number to anyone or put it on websites such as Marktplaats. No one can find out where you live or what your name is. However? Or are there ways to find out?

Recognizing the provider

Many mobile phone providers provide 06 numbers that all start with the same four numbers, for example 0610. You can look this up on the ACM website,, which manages all telephone numbers. This way you can often already know which provider someone is calling. Great if you want to give someone calling credit as a gift, for example. Please note that telephone numbers can be transferred to another provider, so it may be incorrect.

Telephone directory for 06 numbers

Many websites indicate that it is possible to find a 06 number for a GSM or mobile phone in their mobile phone book, for example On these websites you can search by the name of a specific person. You can also perform a reverse search. This means that you enter the mobile number and a name and address will appear. But can such websites simply provide information about you, or can you find a mobile number?

For these websites you must first register voluntarily before your number or name can be provided. This means that you indicate that people may know your mobile number. A website cannot simply publish this. Furthermore, third parties may not use this data for commercial purposes. If you are being harassed, you can remove yourself or file a complaint.


Imagine, you are being harassed or even stalked by a certain person who hides his number. What can you do to get rid of this? Keep detailed records of unwanted calls or text messages. Make a note of the date and time. Once you have collected some information, you can call your provider. Although you are not allowed to provide the number, they can see who called you and give them a warning. If this doesn’t work, use an unlisted number or call the police if necessary. If the person does call or text with caller ID, you can always call from another phone to find out the name. This way you have more information to work with or to pass on to the police.

So nowadays it is still very difficult to find out a mobile number or the rest of the data. Privacy remains guaranteed, provided you indicate that the number may be made public. Unfortunately, this privacy is sometimes abused. my view on