Who can share?

Is it self-evident that people share or not? A more individualistic society is much less aware of the aspects of sharing. It is collecting, preferably as quickly and as much as possible. Possibly inherent to capitalism, but there is also such a thing as compassion or just making other people happy. In any case, the change has been initiated to broaden the scope of individualism or even to change course entirely.


Society is organized in such a way that although a basis is formed by the government, it is otherwise a performance society and everyone is for themselves. Not that this is a must, but it is taught from the moment children go to school. It is logical that people grow up with the image of every man for himself. In itself, such a society also produces a lot of prosperity, but seeking and finding the balance is more difficult. After all, the bar is being raised higher and higher.


Yet there has been a trend for some time that more and more people want to share. They have a lot or at least more than enough themselves and would like to share this with others. People who have much less.

Giving and receiving

But it’s not as easy as it seems. Because society is not really designed for sharing, but also not really for receiving. Over a long period of time, showing that you have a lot has been very popular. That is what makes success and success is important for the social ladder. Power and prestige are part of society.
In addition, we are not very comfortable when it comes to receiving. There is something about receiving that we sometimes call loser, while in the past it was self-evident that people shared different things.

To give

Regardless of how society is organized, giving or sharing what you have is simply in your nature. Happy with what you have and want to share this feeling. Also granting others the opportunity to have a good time. Where good does not necessarily have to be expressed in money. Giving can also mean sharing a feeling, offering a helping hand or being a listening ear. It has more to do with depth in a relationship than just the materialistic aspect.


We haven’t really mastered receiving. We find it difficult, become a bit awkward and/or feel like we have to give something in return. While someone who wants to share something with you, just wants to give you something, wants to see you happy. The real giver doesn’t want anything in return. It comes naturally to the true giver to share.

Back to basic

There is now a clear change in society. Collecting in a purely individualistic society often leads to an imbalance and this is becoming increasingly apparent. More and more people no longer find a balance between work and private life and are looking for a solution. This solution often initially results in greater absenteeism due to illness.

When people want to regain balance, they often go back to basics and then rebuild. It is striking to see that people are looking for a more simplistic way of life. The hectic pace of Western society requires an enormous effort and may be the basis of the imbalance in life, so it is logical that the new structure is different.
Part of a different way of life is that the values in life change and sharing is often self-evident in this picture. It is slowly dawning on many people that there is more than pure materialism.


Someone wants to share and it is in someone’s genes or not. In addition, many people realize that there is more to life than money and that people make a change. Back to basics is in fact a deepening of life and often wanting to share is part of this basics. Whatever the case, feel good about what you do, don’t expect anything in return and experience what sharing ultimately brings you.