How do I know if he/she is the one?!

Everyone falls in love at some point, but those feelings don’t always last long. It is not always easy to develop a relationship and sometimes you don’t want that at all. Yet at certain times in your life you think that you don’t want anything else at all. That this is the person you have been looking for for a long time and with whom you want to grow old. But does your partner think the same or still have doubts? There are many possible signs from which you can draw some conclusions.

Hold off the boat to introduce yourself to the family

It is still normal that you are not introduced from the first day. Usually both parties like to wait and see. But the idea is that after a while the introduction to the family will be discussed. If you notice that your partner keeps making excuses, you should ask for more explanation. If he/she cannot provide this, there may be more going on. If he/she explains it, but you are not satisfied with the answer, then continue on this topic. You are not supposed to be fobbed off. If there is a clear explanation, it is also important that you give your partner some time. You must also try to understand each other in this. If you can’t talk about it, you’re not doing it right.

You are going to forbid certain things

In a relationship you must be able to be yourself and only then will there be a good connection. If you cannot do this, you will be imprisoned and you will not be able to keep this up for life. In order to be yourself, you have to be able to do things that you enjoy. So it is not the intention that your partner will forbid you to do all kinds of things. This could be about your hobbies, for example. If you like to attend evening school or start a sewing club, then you should be able to talk about that. If he/she immediately forbids you to do so, then there is something wrong between you. There may of course be reasonable comments that require discussion. For example, your partner may not like you not being home a few evenings a week because he/she then feels alone. There must certainly be room for communication. If it is not there, you are obliged to do or not do things and so you cannot be yourself again. That’s not the point of entering into a partnership with someone.

Have an ear for each other

Your partner can tell you a lot of things about himself, but there must also be room for you to vent. If people don’t listen, then you have to draw your own conclusions again. If you can’t tell your stories at home, you often can’t do that anywhere else. You may still have good friends, but sometimes you still want to share specific things with your partner. The listening ear must therefore certainly come from both sides. Make time to listen to each other! This is a very important part of any relationship wanting to succeed.

Don’t just focus on yourself

In addition to listening to each other, it is also important that your partner is not only busy with himself, but also makes time for you. There may be moments where one person is more central (due to specific circumstances), but that should not last too long. Everyone wants to be the center of attention to feel good. That is why it is also important to find a good balance here. Have respect for each other and, above all, be interested in each other’s world. This can be very different for some couples. You don’t have to be aware of everything, but it is still important that you know what concerns you most about each other.

Feeling that he/she likes you

Love should certainly not come from one side because then your relationship will unfortunately not survive. You should also feel affection from your partner. Not everyone is good at showing this, but those things don’t always have to be grand either. That could be breakfast in bed, but also just making a sandwich, heating up a cup of soup, cooking something for you, bringing you a blanket if you’re cold, letting you watch your favorite TV program when he/she/it she would rather look at something else, put a small note between your sandwiches,… There are plenty of little things that make you feel whether you are appreciated or not.

Thinking and working towards shared goals

A relationship normally goes through different phases and this can be very slow or very fast. Above all, you should look for a happy medium for both of you. Some quickly feel ready for the next step, others need a little more time. Yet it is important that you feel that your partner sees a future with you and what better way to express that than to think of shared goals. Therefore, they should not immediately become major decisions such as buying a house or having a child. This could also be about a choice of study or hobby, looking forward to an apartment to rent,…

The real one or not?!

If your partner scores below average on many of these aspects, then I think it is time to examine your relationship. Above all, think about whether you are happy. If not, try to enter into a dialogue with your significant other. Sometimes a lot of things can change this way. Good luck and above all… enjoy the love!