Nice holiday work at a campsite

Looking for holiday work? Holiday work at a campsite can be a fun challenge. There are various jobs available at campsites and it is possible to work abroad or inland. How do you find a holiday job at a campsite? And what kind of jobs can you do at the campsite?

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  • Holiday work at a campsite, what jobs are there?
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Holiday work at a campsite

Holiday work at a campsite is possible both in the Netherlands and abroad. Think of countries like Italy, France, Spain, Germany or Greece. Working at a campsite is very popular for many. There are several jobs at a campsite.

Holiday work at a campsite, what jobs are there?

There are several jobs available at campsites. Below you will see an overview of different options. The functions may differ per campsite. Large campsites may even have multiple lanes.

Campsite employee

A campsite employee must keep the campsite tidy. He or she checks whether the grounds are tidy and can also assist at the reception. A campsite employee is also often the point of contact for guests at a campsite. It is often mandatory for a campsite employee to speak several languages. Customer friendliness is also important. At many campsites you must follow (or have completed) similar training to work as a campsite employee.

Animation team

An entertainment team ensures that the guests at the campsite have fun. There is usually an entertainment team for children, but there can also be entertainment at a campsite for young people and adults. So a whole program is put together, such as different games, bingo, a disco evening or a walk through nature. For a holiday job in an animation team, training can be given in advance, so that you know exactly what to do.

catering industry

Many campsites have a restaurant, cafeteria or bar. Of course, this also requires staff. Think of chefs, waiters or dishwashers. Holiday work in the catering industry can therefore also easily be done at a campsite. Relevant experience or relevant training is often required for work in the catering industry.


The demand for cleaners is very high, especially at campsites where there are holiday homes or mobile homes. But there is also a demand for cleaners at campsites where people go with their own caravan or tent. For example, the site or sanitary facilities may need to be cleaned. No experience is usually required for work as a cleaner.

Working abroad

When you work at a campsite abroad, you can often spend the night on the site itself. This is usually included in the price. During your free hours you can also enjoy the campsite and the beautiful surroundings. Food and drinks are usually not included in your stay, although at some campsites you can eat with the staff. Campsites abroad are usually international campsites and it is therefore desirable that you speak at least English. Knowing more languages often increases your chances of getting a job.

Where can you find a holiday job at the campsite?

Finding holiday work is not always easy. Fortunately, there are several places where you can find a job at a campsite. In any case, you can go to the internet. There are numerous organizations that offer jobs at a campsite. You can also visit an employment agency. In the student cities you will find special employment agencies for students and here you can also find a job at a campsite. Finally, you can write to nearby campsites or keep an eye on local newspapers. Make sure you are there on time: many young people would like to work at a campsite. It is therefore best to start looking for a holiday job in the spring, perhaps even earlier.

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