A vacancy is filled by a positive applicant

Vacancies are sometimes not readily available. The larger the group of job seekers, the more important it becomes for an applicant to create an appealing application letter and to stand out among other applicants in a creative way. Not only must the letter really stand out, but any subsequent job application visit must also be experienced by the personnel manager as correct and very positive. This requires thorough preparation. A positive applicant who is interested in the company and shows that he/she intends to put in a good effort has a much better chance of being hired than someone who shows that it is only about the salary.

Do not just apply via a form on an internet page

Writing a good application letter is not everyone’s hobby and that is understandable. Many people already fill out a company application form on the computer, but it is wise to then send a written application letter by post and also refer to the already completed form on the internet.

Writing an application letter for a vacancy that needs to be filled

Not everyone is good with the language and writes as easily as he/she speaks. However, there are a few rules that an application letter must comply with. At the top right should be the city or village where you live and the correct date. On the left side, write your name, address with zip code, telephone number and email address neatly underneath each other. A few lines below that is Dear Sir/Madam if you do not have a direct name of a person to whom you should send the letter.

A good layout with beginning, middle and end is appreciated by the company

Skip a line after the salutation and ensure that the rest of the text of the letter has three parts: a beginning, in which you indicate that you want to apply for the vacancy that you mention by name. Then comes the middle part, where you explain why you want the job so badly and why you think you are exactly the right person to fill that vacancy. Finally, there is a happy ending, in which you show that you hope for a positive response from the company. After this, skip another line and end with the words: Kind regards, and your name below. Add your own signature below.

A positive center section

The middle part of the letter can sound quite enthusiastic, but don’t exaggerate. After all, too much is not good. A personnel manager quickly sees through this. Make sure you show that you are interested in the job and that you are capable of it. Give a positive impression of the things you have done so far. Show that you can also work in a team. These are all aspects that interest the employer and his personnel manager. The diplomas are important, but especially the work experience and other activities count.

Don’t forget spell check

After writing the letter, always use spell check, correct any errors and then read the letter out loud again. You will then immediately hear whether the sentences flow properly and fit together. If you are really not good at language, have someone else read the letter again just to be sure. Then print out the letter and sign it. Read your CV carefully, supplement it if necessary, print it out and send it with the application letter as an attachment.

Sending an application letter

Make sure your mail looks perfect, so no wrinkled envelope or a (jokingly) crooked stamp. The address must be written correctly. An incorrect address, incorrectly written company name or incorrect zip code not only causes late delivery of the mail, but can also irritate the recipient, meaning that your letter does not receive the attention it deserves and quickly ends up in the trash. will end up. Make sure you have sufficient postage and seal the letter carefully.

The call for a job interview

And then the time has come. You may come for an interview. Good preparation for this is necessary. Make sure that you have looked up some information about the company and that you can ask sensible questions about it during the interview. Google the company on the Internet for that.

Gather as much information as possible

Try to find out exactly what work is done in that company, how many departments there are, how many people the company employs, whether the company makes a profit, has good products, whether there have been new developments or new inventions recently, and so forth.

Preparing for the conversation

In addition to the search for information, ensure that your clothing and accessories match correctly and are in order. If you don’t know much about clothing, let someone who does know help and advise you. The first impression is immediately made when you enter the office of the director or personnel manager. Your outward appearance is therefore not unimportant.

Be on time, and never late, for your appointment at the company

Do not be late. That immediately gives the impression of someone who does not arrive on time for appointments. If it is a large company, let yourself be shown the way to the place where you are expected. Always knock on the office door and never enter without an answer. After all, one can be on the phone or talking to someone else.

Put your phone on silent for a moment

Turn off your own phone so that you are not disturbed during the call. After all, you have to be able to keep your thoughts. When you enter, raise your hand and say your name. Sit when invited, but never slouch in the chair. Sit alertly upright and place your hands in your lap. You must have an active and attentive attitude.

Conducting a job interview

Answer the questions of the person in front of you calmly and clearly. If you are asked if you would like something to drink, only agree if you have no problem with it and do not feel insecure. After all, a rattling cup (due to a nervous applicant) is not a good indicator of a calm employee. At the end of a conversation you are often asked if you have any questions. Feel free to take advantage of that.

The end of the conversation

You will notice it automatically when the other person thinks the conversation has ended. You stand up, shake hands with the other person and indicate that you would very much like to receive a positive answer to your application after the assessment. You wish him or her a nice day and leave the office or company.

Waiting for the result of the application

This is followed by an unpleasant period of waiting. Many companies take a very long time to screen their candidates and make a decision. If you have not heard anything after three weeks, call us and ask if a decision has already been made.

Present yourself as a positive applicant

Applying for a job is not easy, but not impossible either. However, try to make sure you come out as positive as possible. Only by distinguishing yourself from other applicants can you increase your chances of getting the job. Also, don’t be afraid to apply for a job for which you have no degree, but only practical experience in your previous job. As soon as the company cannot find anyone who has the required diplomas, it will fall back on an applicant who has gained experience in that field.

You can do more than you think

Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. Of course, you need to make sure you’re realistic, but you need to make sure you put your real qualities forward. Many people are afraid to promote themselves and feel that they should not ‘show off’, but putting yourself forward in a good way is not exactly bragging. You know what you are worth. Don’t hide this when applying for a job.

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