5 Characteristics of Augustinians, know it

The Augustinians are religious and religious whose charism obtains him from St.Augustine of Hippo, who has been one of the most recognized philosophers of antiquity for his dedication to love, freedom, friendship, tolerance as well as to the knowledge of rationing before the existence of God.

Augustinians are members of the Order of Saint Augustin. As consecrated religious, they pray the Liturgy of the Hours throughout the day.

Characteristics of Augustinians

Saint Augustine of Hippa

Augustine was a father and doctor of the Catholic Church whose philosophy inhabits modernity for his charism destined for the deepening of love as well as friendship. He is listed as the doctor of grace, as well as one of the greatest thinkers of ancient philosophy.

They have more than five centuries

Augustinians have the privilege of having several centuries of existence as well as successful distributions along American lands in which they bring the religious message to all corners, focusing on educational work in schools, foundations and homes.


There were convents in which the Augustinns lived who with a lot of work managed as well as the religious to distribute themselves in many areas of Latin America, including Quito, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.

Our Lady of Grace

For the Augustinians the image of Our Lady of Grace has great significance for bearing the name of the first province established in Peruvian territory whose territory received these religious for spiritual development. This image is accompanied by the effigy of Jesus Nazarene.

His philosophy is the Christian conception of man

Augustinians are governed by the charism of human integrity, tolerance, peace, equality, equity and above all freedom. That is why among his representative philosophy are phrases such as the following: love and do whatever you want; the truth is not entirely yours or mine; if you correct, correct with love.