Ungkap Rahasia Bawah Air Samudra Biru Tua Saat Scuba Diving Di Hikkaduwa

Zionist terrorism between 1946 and May 1948

The state of Israel was founded in 1948. This did not go without a hitch, as other residents lived in the territory that became Israel for centuries. In…

15 Kota di India Dan Hidangan Terkenalnya: Panduan Bagi Pecinta Makanan yang Bepergian Melintasi India

Birthday on February 4?

On February 4, 1794, slavery was abolished in France and on February 4, 1920, Germany evacuated the Hultschin country. In 1941, exactly 21 years later, also on February…

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Tips to use your valuable time more efficiently

A person often does not have enough time to, on the one hand, arrange all kinds of things that we (feeling) are obliged to do, and on the…

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The meta-perspective and the BWR triangle in communication

The common form of communication on our planet is language. In oral or written form. This allows knowledge to be passed on and only through this can common…

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Being over-organized

Being organized is a given for some and not for others. Sometimes you can learn a certain way of working that helps you be more organized. After all,…

6 Tempat Teratas Untuk Dikunjungi Dekat Dharmasthala Untuk Liburan Berkesan Di Tahun 2023!

IQ does not determine success, grit does

Grit is a concept that was developed and researched by the American researcher Duckworth. According to her, it consists of passion, perseverance and the pursuit of long-term goals….

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What island was Robinson Crusoe on?

The story of Alexander Selkirk, who survived for years on the deserted island of Más Afuera in the Juan Fernández archipelago (Chile) in the Pacific Ocean, became world…

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The Lorenz curve and the Gini coefficient (Corrado Gini)

The Gini coefficient was developed by the Italian Corrado Gini in 1912. This coefficient was invented to study the degree of inequality in the income distribution among the…

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Acceptance: how can you develop this?

It is not always easy to accept something, no matter how much you would like it. You always want to be happy, but that’s not how life works….

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Communication conflicts, open communication and listening

By communication we generally mean the exchange of messages between living beings or between living beings and things. The interpersonal communication process includes a person, the communication and…